About uonset

The term onset, audio, refers to that particular living every musical note at the time of his birth. It is the time when your life or amplitude goes from zero to a significant peak. He was born a note, has beat sound.

 Typically, onset is translated from English as a beginning, a takeoff or boot sound. You onset, English, invites you to you who is born and takes off through your music, and have created this platform to achieve: uonset. We invite you to start a life, to take the first step to achieving your dreams.

 We are a team of dreamers, lovers of music in all its forms, eager to see the talent become art. We have grown within the music industry, creating production companies, studios, independent record labels, management agencies and booking, and we have seen how difficult it can be at times for an artist simply be heard for the first time. We have seen have a great musical promise without ever reach the ears of the public due to lack of financial support or teams. As hardcore music lovers, our duty is to revolutionize the way people take music to the world, so that no talent goes unnoticed.

 With Uonset, offer the possibility for any artist to achieve the revelation of his work without waiting to be "discovered" by an agent or a record company. Will the public that, through our platform and the internet, to achieve their artistic catapult through direct support for their projects careers.

 We have founded a community of onsetters, with the power to create art without limits, to make our own star, our own idols, to make rumbling music that floods our ears and our hearts explode. We invite you to be part of it. We invite you to be a onsetter.

 Already one onsetter? Then you are part of this change. You are supporting the growth of artists like you want them, not as you sell. You are receiving rewards directly from your artists, in a way that no one else will ever do. You are special, you are unique, you are onsetter.